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Kaizen (d) Ke ye i.d.

Image of Kaizen (d) Ke ye i.d.


Kaizen (d) Key e i.d.

Original Xubrnt designer x & 0 ribbon with reuse and recycle mark. A new totem for our time (n) d (h) in (e) d e/b (i) t (h) ass (m) in (e) d (h) ew/e i.d. Grab & Go convenience : Holds cash, cards, change, chapstick, with a key ring.

Made of jacquard nylon, polyester ripstop fabric, with bonded nylon thread that holds 10 pounds a stitch, heat sealed webbing, so no (internal) fraying. Washes well, air dry, looks like new!

Part of the product price, at the very least, provides for future manufacturing & marketing.

See the current Xubrnt website for more details :

p.s. I have switched the payment option from paypal to stripe, at bigcartel's preference. If this does not suit you, contact me via the link on the BigCartel / xubrnt shop web page, and I can give you a link to conduct an order via paypal, or via mail.

This item is $6 to ship in the United States, and $7 to ship everywhere else, and ($0 cost) free to ship when combined with another item.