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b (r) a g/g e (n) d

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kaizen (d) b (r) a g/g e (n) d

Kaizen tote / feed bag

fabric :
jacquard polyester nylon ripstop, self lined,
with 2 interior pockets that will hold a standard size bottle of wine
constructed with bonded nylon thread that holds 10 pounds a stitch
polypropylene (rot resistant) webbing &/or nylon
original * x & 0 with reuse and recycle marks ribbon
one ladder lock for cross body leash adjustment

approximate standard measurements :
11 inches ht x 6 inches width , with 33 inch top open circumference
cross body leash adjusts up to 46 inches length
* please let me know if you would like more cross body webbing length, or less, or none at all, at time of purchase,

collaborative options :
you can provide the interior lining , say for instance you would like
black and white dots, to personalize your personality, or would like to print / embroider fabric,
you can send me 2 panels (front and back interior lining) measuring 11.5 inches height by 12.5 inches width,
and I will stitch your lining in the bag with the bonded nylon thread that holds 10 pounds per stitch. Pockets can
also be personalized, with fabric of your choice, that you send to dimension (9 inch height by 6 inch width panels) : or the standard bag exterior as self lining on offer. If you use cotton fabric, or other, think of fabric compatibility, and make sure cotton (et al) is preshrunk.

sound ecology :
there will be permutations of the interior of the bag, b.c. I want to work with the fabric and economy of what I have on hand, & according t (y) 0ur (0) d (e) s i' r e ve (i)n d (j) 0 b e/e (n/d) s p0 ke (n) d : I make this item to order, and there is no false - (e-) d- (s-) 0- w/- (h-) o- r- (e-) d- (0-) for-ce- d- e/b- t- (h-) ass- (h-) 0- p- e- (n-) d- The interior self lining pockets may be a different color, and the bottom interior reinforcement may be a different color and / or fabric. This first run on offer is a pea green abrasion resistant packcloth.

a/b (0) u t/t :
a light weight bag, with medium weight components, smartly constructed e/b (i) t 0/0 L (e) ass (k) t (h) and (h) 0've i.d. e/b (i) t 0/0 L (D) 0've i.d. ~ (j) 0 built to look good, wear good, feel good, & wash up as well (e i) d ew/e i.d.

this bag is made with love. you may not understand the price. you can inform yourself of the c(h) 0's t (h) and process (t) 0/0 t/h e a p 0/t en t (b = i) a L/L (e) D at , where you will find consolidated information to get started with the a'r (e) t (a) pr0ject video & c (L) ass (k) t series, as well as links providing the chronology of nearly 8 years of previous work online as of 12/2018.

This bag comes with commemorative 2d Performance Art package, and if purchased before year end 2018, preceding 2019, I will include a complimentary Kaizen Ke ye i.d.

Purchase of this item promotes further production and manufacturing & namely the marketing. For more information of the next eddm (every door direct mail) etc, please see